The Top Shows You Need To Watch On Television

Don’t know what to watch next on Netflix? Here are some ideas of the top new shows you need to watch.


11. Making a Murderer


Do you prefer real life over fiction? Then you will enjoy making the murderer, a documentary that covers the life and trial of some men who have been condemned for murder. It took ten years to film it. It is the work of a lifetime, which has been reduced to 10 chapters for the first season that you can now watch on Netflix.

10. The Returned


Do you like the walking death but just not in a zombie-style? The returned is just that. A thriller when you are driven to find out what is going on.

9. House of Cards


Do you like political intrigues? Then House of cards is for you. An original series from Netflix featuring a US Senator. It will quickly trap you, and you’ll get engaged in this extraordinary plot.

8. Love

Are you looking for romance, but with a spot on reality? Then Love is what you are looking for. An original series from Netflix that is quickly gaining adepts. It might be the contrast between two different lives trying to fit in. Reality just comes along and is an inevitable branch they must pass. No more pink novels on Love.

7. The Characters

Do you like sketches? Netflix has given it a shot producing the characters. Light humor packed in 30-minute episodes.There are only eight so far, so it is worth giving it a chance. 

6. Better Call Saul

Do you like spin-offs and prequels? Breaking bad just had better call Saul. A must watch if you are a fan of breaking bad already. If not, it is a good place to start. You can watch the whole Breaking Bad first on Netflix, or just go along with Better call Saul. You chose. 

5. You, me and the Apocalypse

Intrigued by the end of the world? Watch you, me and the apocalypse and discover what happens on the last 33 days of earth. Why will the earth disappear are you wondering? A comet will be a collision with the earth soon, and they all know it. Will that bring the best or the worst on them? Just see it, and find out.

4. Catastrophe


Are you fond of love comedies and British humor? Catastrophe is your perfect combination, and you’ll be able to keep up with the first season. You’ll never see love the same way after Catastrophe. It’ll give you some perspective. 

3. Five Days


Do you like drama and police investigations, but you are not fond on too long arguments? Try 5 days. It is only 15 chapters.

2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Are you fond of musicals? Then Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is for you. Get delighted by some original compositions for the TV show. It's been only the first season this year, and Rachel Bloom has won some awards for the series for better actress in a comedy and musical on TV. Don’t wonder why and look for it now.

1. Once Upon a Time 

Do you remember fairy tales while you were a kid? Relieve them all in once upon a time. Keep up with the 6th season as it goes. You don’t have to miss the whole plot since you can watch it from the very start. So far you will be missing the phrase, “and they lived happily ever after.” But they are not over yet.