The Three Best Mobile Games You Should Be Playing

Here are the three best mobile games you should be playing right now. I have to warn you. They are all addictive. Once the game traps you, there is no turning back. You can’t stop, and you will be caught in an endless playing fever.

They all are different styles, and you can choose your best fit. Here are our three picks.

3. The Simpsons Tapped Out


If you are a fan of the Simpsons, this is a must game. If you are not, you will still enjoy it but might get lost at some jokes. Or maybe, you will get engaged with them. No strategies, no enemies, no skills required. If that is so, how can it be so addictive? Well, you have to build your own Springfield after Homer Simpson destroyed it all. And it is easy. In fact, the hard part is to get all the objects you will want once you have a look at the store. Donuts are the premium coin you want to keep, and you’ll desire more and more. There are ways to get them, but it takes time. Like most games nowadays, you can share with neighbors (their way to call friends) your accomplishments. Or to be more precise, just visit them and leave them some something. It will all depend on the season. The constant updates will keep you engaged willingly to get all prices. Seasonal events are meant to release more characters and objects to keep Springfield growing.

2. Pokémon Go


Augmented reality found its way to your mobile with Pokémon Go. It was designed for those fans from the first season of the Pokémon series, and those kids who are just engaging in the new series. You can become a real Pokémon master with your mobile. Hunt Pokémon’s, train them, fight, catch more, and help them evolve into something cool. You will get quickly engaged with Pokémon Go as you will want to go everywhere just to find new species. It is becoming quite an experience. Places around cities are announcing Pokémon spots to get people go there. Any game had ever before been able to give users the experience of becoming a personage while they play. That is the kind of experience you get with Pokémon Go. As the first game of this class, it is quickly proving that the new genre of games with augmented reality, GPS integration, and a continuous gameplay is something users can get engaged in immediately.

1. Candy Crush Saga 

For those who are not fans of anything, there is Candy Crush. Simple games have always had an attractive thing. Colored squares, balls, or anything with color is just appealing. Candy crush was the first of a kind, and there are many sagas now. The whole addiction comes from multiple levels, multiple worlds, constant updates and the possibility of sharing with friends is what makes it addictive. You can see your place on the map as well as your friend’s connected through social networks. The whole idea is to beat whoever is ahead of you. If you are ahead of everybody, then your mission is being there the whole time. There always will be somebody chasing you for the first place, and so, fun will never end. There are also many variances and versions you can try, and it will fill for sure all your gaps of time. The symptom of a candy crush rush of addiction comes once you feel the need to destroy color blocks in real life.