Just When You Thought Rob Gronkowski Couldn't Get Any Crazier...

I spent at least 40 hours thinking the right word for this amazing guy that the football world lovingly calls Gronk but fortunately and unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything other than CRAZY. Not the bad crazy, the good crazy. He has done a lot and achieved a lot in a short span of time which has won him countless fans and several front page stories. If he has won so many hearts, why am I referring to him as crazy? Because…read on!

1.    There was a night when he was employed as security to a bachelorette party. Thanks to Gronk’s cute face, the girl kept on feeding him alcohol and Gronk ended up doubling up as a stripper and giving lap dances to the beautiful ladies. The good part – he EARNED a few extra bucks.

2.    His first Instagram post was weird but fun. He rides down a children’s slide followed by a massage then some football, followed by some fun activities in the pool. All of them is so disconnected yet cute that it forces you to smile and double tap the video. Well done Gronk!

3.    Finally the football and sportsmanship this guy has in him. Right from the crazy spike touchdown dance to going topless and dancing after losing the dream game to the Giants. This guy has done it all. With his football skills, he wins the hearts of his teammate and his fans. And with his celebrations and spirit, he wins over his opponents. The fact that he covers half of the air time spent by channels on replays can give you the idea how cool this guy is.

Gronk is THE DUDE. He is amazing and just a few titles short of being named as the greatest footballer, but he is already on the road to glory and with the kind of spirit he holds in him, there is hardly anything that can stop this guy.