Five Funniest Memes of 2016

Five Funniest Memes of 2016

There are many things that make the social media an interesting phenomenon. That is why many people can give their whole day, and some even give up food and sleep and night to enjoy the fun that rocks the social media space. Memes are text, videos, and images that range from the hilarious to the weird and rapidly spread on the internet. This is one of the ways that laughter spread amongst social media users. The following are some of the memes that have heightened the fun this year:


1.     Sorry Donald

The US Presidential elections have been the toast news of the social media. One of the top contenders and real estate mogul, Donald Trump has tasted much of what the internet age has to offer. Whether they are making fun of his looks or analyzing what he says or doesn’t say, it is obvious that the social media cannot have enough of him. This one certainly mocks his looks and that was expected. Sorry Donald, America shall overcome, forget the fun seekers.


2.     It’s All About Age

People are fascinated with age these days. Some want to feel old, and some want to feel young. So for those who want to feel young, age is a number. How about those who feel they are too old to be in high school? Age is a word! It is no news that some people do not like the idea of revealing their age. But that depends on where they are at the moment and what possibilities are for shame or glory. Age may be a number, a word or whatever, but one thing is evident, your age is right there in your mind, and you know it.


3.     Mom?

This funny meme speaks a lot and is plain funny. So after calling you mom all these years, you tell me your name is not Mom? Unacceptable. The funny baby feels frustrated just as we all feel when we find out we were on the wrong path all the while. You are tempted to ask, so all this while I have been heading in no direction at all? It makes for rib-cracking laughter.


4.     What’s next? POTUS

Another major feature of news reports in 2016 is the impending exit of President Barack Obama from the White House. While some people would miss him, some can’t wait to have their own preferred candidate move in there. How about the man himself? He’s certainly having fun. The man has been caught on camera in recent times dancing, letting off steam and preparing for life as a regular citizen after eight years. This picture says it all; Obama can’t wait to move out of the officialdom of presidential politics in exchange for normal, fun-filled life.


5.     Wait Please!

This one reminds of that very awkward moment when you are still finding your way to your seat on the bus and the driver zooms off and what’s next? You are all over the place. It is that moment of confusion and fear when you struggle to make a choice between your safety and face-saving. Perhaps you should scream and get the driver to notice you are in real trouble, but you would not achieve that if you look really confused.


Memes provide opportunities for social media users to have good laughter and fun from ordinary everyday events. These memes are hilarious but there are many more. That is why the modern day children prefer to spend all their time on the social media. There are lots of feel-good stuff out there.