6 Incredible Travel Destinations That You Have To See

Six Incredible Travel Destinations

Travelling is a way of making life interesting. All over the world, people travel round for various reasons. It might be for business, pleasure or holiday or just fun. Whatever reason, it is a moment that is worth enjoying and this will depend solely on the location that one intends to tour. Below are six incredible travel destinations that are worth visiting:


1.     Istanbul, Turkey


From the lovely evening view of the Basilica Cistern to other lovely views, the city of Istanbul accommodates lots of exciting places. The Sultanahmet district is a tourist choice, and this is because of its proximity to the largest cenotaphs in Turkey- Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, etc.  A mix of rich cultural heritage can be felt when you visit the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar.


2.     London, United Kingdom:


If you are a lover of history, this is one place you should visit. From lovely spots like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park- the largest park in Europe, the City of London is a lovely spectacle to behold.  You would not want to miss the Royal Opera House where you have a glimpse of a relaxed moment of seeing the British culture on full display. And if you are curious about English fashion, Oxford Street has all the answers.


3.     Rome, Italy:

The City of Rome is one of the oldest cities in history. Visits to the city show that not only has it been modernized but also has used the ancient monuments it possesses to attract tourists from all over the world. You will love to stay in the Colosseum and Roman Forum areas, and this is because these areas are not lacking in archaeological wonders that takes one back to the days of the Roman emperors who majestically ruled the city.


4.     Madrid, Spain:

A lot of tourists, in so many cases, want to have knowledge about cities before they embark on trips. But the city of Madrid has a very homely atmosphere that it cannot be difficult to see the spectacle the city evolves as you take a tour around. From the Barrio Salamanca, Plaza Santa, to Plaza Mayor, Madrid gives you that relaxing mood. Want some culture and fashion? The Lavapies is a place to be. It is crowded with meals from across the globe and boutiques.


5.     Lisbon, Portugal:


There is no Portugal without the City of Lisbon. Not only is it the capital of Portugal, but it is also one the most populated cities in Europe. The most attractive area of Lisbon is the Pombaline Baixa, a part of the city that was built after the famous earthquake of 1755. D.Maria II Theater located in the Rossio Square, the Lisbon Cathedral, and the ancient Belem Tower provide compelling reasons to see them.


6.     Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai is rated as amongst the most exotic tourist destinations in the world. In the early 90’s the United Arab Emirates depended solely on oil and after the large increase in oil price, the nation continued to grow in strength. Not only in trade with other nations, but also in tourist attractions.  Places like The Dubai Mall - largest mall in the world, Dubai Miracle Garden - the biggest flower garden in the world, the Burj Khalifa - tallest building in the world, the Burj Al Arab - the only 7-star hotel in the world are tourist attractions that will make your stay worth it and enjoyable.  The camel ride in the sandy desert is an experience of a lifetime.