5 Game-Changing Features That You Didn't Know About the New iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is  brand new. There is no doubt Apple has added the ultimate technology advancements to make it the most appealing phone on the market. You might have heard of the enhancements, but you don’t know it all. Check this article for the 5 cool features that you didn't know about the new iPhone 7.

1. A redesigned and unbreakable Home Button

The home button is something that has characterized iPhones from the very start. It has not yet disappeared as it has been speculated. However, Apple is making great enhancements on the home button. It is static-state and force-sensitive, just like the MacBook’s trackpad. It is not a real button. It is a sensitive device that detects your finger and gives you feedback through a slight vibration to let you know when it is pressed. It is expected that with further iOS, the home button gets new features like multiple pressure functions, just like trackpads do nowadays. In the meantime, it won’t break, and the pain it was with home button repairs will be history.


2. All about Audio: the Stereo and Wireless Experience

Apple dared to place their bets on wireless audio. The headphone is gone. The new Ear Pods are the compatible wireless device to be connected by Lightning communication. To those who refuse to leave their old headphones, there is an adapter to change the old mini plug into wireless Lightning. The good news is they are adding the adapter to the cell phone bundle. Is this a sign of not being fully confident in their wireless audio decision? It might be. However, only time and users will tell if Apple was right or wrong. As it is for the iPhone’s audio, it is louder because the speaker used for talking over the phone has been upgraded to a bigger speaker to use both when you listen to music, creating a stereo effect. There is more to enhance on this line, and Apple might keep on improving it.


3. Screen

When you read the screen specs, they might seem the same. 1334 by 750 pixels distributed on a 4.7” cell phone is not changing at all. The changes are deep inside. Brightness has been enhanced, and now it is 25% brighter. That will be useful for sunny days. The colors are also improved, and you can see more vivid scenes on your screen. Of course, it will all depend on the content, and at least the iPhone’s camera will be able to give you some appropriate content for this enhancement. Let’s talk about cameras in the next section. 

4. Camera


Again, the cameras look the same for untrained eyes. They are not. The front camera gets two more megapixels. You will see better selfies with this one. The rear camera has a better sensor to get the best shots at night or in low-light conditions. But the best of it is how fast it can take your photos. You will feel the difference from the previous iPhone because it cuts shooting time plus processing to around half than before. You won’t miss a moment anymore since the new camera on the iPhone 7 is there to keep pace with your photos.


5. Waterproof

IP67 spec makes the iPhone not just water resistant as Apple claims, but waterproof. You might be guessing what the difference is if they both sound the same thing. They are not. Water resistant means that you can split water on it and it will not break. However, waterproof goes a step further, because you can immerse the device completely. The IP67 spec is given to those devices that can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Apple might just be playing safe on publicity because the Samsung Galaxy S7 is IP68, which is one step further.